our story

With many years’ experience in the storage manufacturing industry, Richard Williams posed himself a question!

“If we were starting again today, from scratch, how could we do it better and how would we do it responsibly?”

That simple question lead to many sleepless nights, much research and a spark of enthusiasm that has resulted in the birth of the first carbon zero manufacturing facility in our industry!

An extremely knowledgeable and highly experienced team have come together to create a new market offer which is full of exciting ideas and allows Locit Limited to offer a fresh approach to traditional manufacturing.

Our friendly team are energised and fully focussed on bringing a much-needed ‘customer orientated’ service to our industry, which we invite you to experience!

pure design

Our innovative design provides a structurally strong locker which has been tested to comply with the locker testing standard BS4680:1990 yet has the aesthetics of an item of office furniture. Using the latest Computer Aided Design facility directly linked to our production operation we can quickly adapt to changes in locker tends.

carbon zero – certified

Our environment and social obligations are paramount to us, by sourcing raw materials and energy responsibly and making significant investments in the latest production equipment and techniques we minimise our carbon footprint and are incredibly proud to be able to offer the first certified carbon neutral manufactured steel locker in the World, certified to PAS2060:2014.

covid safe

At the heart of our own anti-bacterial coating is Powdura® ECO powder coating from Sherwin-Williams. This transformative product collection elevates COVID safe powder coating to new heights – providing customers a more eco-conscious anti-bacterial solution to product protection, colour and performance.